Compose Enterprise

Fully managed database hosting with extra security, scaling and performance

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All Your Bases. Covered.

With Compose Enterprise, you can free up your time to focus on building your app instead of managing your database.

Compose Enterprise offers all the simplicity of our standard multi-tenant offering, but on your own, private cloud servers in a fully-managed environment.

Your database can be deployed in highly-available configurations in minutes backed by encrypted, fast SSD storage. We take care of configuring, scaling and managing your database deployments so your app runs effortlessly.

Why Compose Enterprise?

Compose Enterprise has all the great features of our standard multi-tenant offering, plus additional features for managing the servers in your own dedicated environment.

Central Control and Data Browser

The Compose console gives you a unified way of working with your databases, accessing and restoring backups, managing access and more. The simple and straightforward Compose data browsers built into the console are customized to enable data viewing, query building, indexing and performance checking for each database.

Which edition is right for you?

Customers with large datasets, heavy traffic, high availability, privacy and security requirements would benefit from Compose Enterprise. Similarly, if you are starting out small and do not need the additional scaling, security and management features then our multi-tenant offering probably makes the most economical sense. You can always upgrade when needed.

Deploy multiple DBs
Encryption in motion
SSL/SSH, IP whitelisting
Add additional nodes
Web UI
Private network
Greater data center flexibility
Security groups
Dedicated hardware
Enhanced supportOptionalStandard

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