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Deploy multiple industry-leading databases on your own cloud servers within minutes. Use a single string to connect to your databases, then get building your next application. Each deployment is production-ready. Your hard-working developers get the right way to store their data for applications without the complexity of scaling and managing databases.

Join thousands of businesses who rely on the Compose platform to deliver powerful, highly-available, secure, managed databases.

Compose for Enterprise

Database simplicity
Compose Enterprise is the fastest way to deploy production-ready databases on your own servers.
Multiple open source databases
Create your own MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ, ScyllaDB, MySQL and etcd deployments.
Compose auto-scales resources (storage, memory, IOPS) as usage increases without the need for manual tuning. You're smooth-scaling, even if usage suddenly and unexpectedly spikes.
Your databases are seriously secure with private VLAN, SSL encrypted tunnels, IP whitelisting and more.
One intuitive interface
The Compose interface enables your creation and management of new clusters. We provide an elegant overview of your databases and connect you to third-party services for monitoring and analytics.
Always-on support
We take support seriously. You get easy and free database upgrades, 24/7/365 online support from our DBA experts. Enhanced support with guaranteed response time and priority ticketing is optional.
Multi-node reliability
Each deployment includes multiple nodes for high-availability, automatic or on-demand backups and router and haproxy for SSL connections.
Third-party integrations to Telegraf, syslog-ng, REST API, IBM Bluemix and other services are available out of box through the Compose web interface.

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"Amazing customer support and ease of use for years."

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