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Application databases

We offer some of the most popular NoSQL and SQL databases so you can build and run your applications how you see fit.



This popular open-source database leads the pack of document store databases with its powerful indexing and querying, aggregation, and wide driver support.

See MongoDB on Compose


It's the relational database that’s powered some of the biggest websites for 20 years, and now has added functionality to support JSON datasets.

See MySQL on Compose


A powerful, open source object-relational database which is highly customizable; with JSON support it’s the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.

See PostgreSQL on Compose


A document-based, distributed database with an admin console which lets you browse the data, configure the cluster, and inspect its performance.

See RethinkDB on Compose

Specialized databases

We also offer specialized databases for massive scale or graphing relationships between data objects.


NoSQLColumnar DB

Hyper-fast, drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra that boasts 1M transactions sec/node. Use it with your favorite run-times.

See ScyllaDB on Compose

NoSQLDistributed Search

It combines the power of a full-text search engine with the indexing strength of a JSON document database for rich data analysis on large volumes of data.

See Elasticsearch on Compose

Messaging & queueing

Optimize your application’s performance by deploying a caching or queueing layer on Compose's integrated platform.



An open-source, blazingly fast, key/value store. On Compose, Redis is tuned for high-availability and locked down with additional security features.

See Redis on Compose


Route, track, and queue messages between your apps and databases. Customize persistence levels, delivery settings, and publish confirmations.

See RabbitMQ on Compose

Key value

For building distributed applications, the etcd key-value store can be set up in just a few minutes.


HA Configuration

This key/value store holds the always-correct data you need to coordinate and manage your distributed server cluster.

See etcd on Compose

Looking for something else?

We do our best to stay on the leading edge of database and datatools. Are we missing something you need? Let us know! We're always adding new services to keep our arsenal up to date.

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For building distributed applications, the etcd key-value store can be set up in just a few minutes.

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