Customer Stories

Inspring tales of apps and companies that Compose databases helped build and grow.

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WiploSan Francisco, California

I've gone through multiple hosting providers but have always stuck with Compose because it has always done everything the right way.

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ChameleonPortland, Oregon

The key with using Compose is that we don't have to manage the infrastructure, setup, security, scalability, updates, backup and general health of these database systems.

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OmniSan Francisco, California

The biggest and best part of using Compose is that we don't need a team of DevOps people to manage our database resources and instances.

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Teleport SA

Lausanne, Switzerland

Over the last year, using Compose saved us easily one man-month of manual database configuration, deployment, etc... Big up for Compose.

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Paris, France

It was then that Compose became the obvious choice. I hate MongoDB setup and documentation and was really happy to give it away to somebody else.

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Calgary, Canada

Our customers and application needs were scalable, managed, and always safe and secure. I can't count the amount of time saved.

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Wageningen , Netherlands

For our Mongo database we have been using Compose since day one, and are very happy with it. Compose is perfect for startups.

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RiafoxMeridian , Idaho

Compose has been a huge part of our plan to provide a powerful and reliable NoSQL solution for our own products, as well as those of our clients.

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CuppaClearwater, Florida

Compose saves my developers time and makes their lives easier and to me that just means money in the bank. Thanks, Compose.

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VUSELittleton , Colorado

I love the user interface, too. Having a UI for my DB really speeds up development! There's nothing like actually seeing your data! Thanks for all that you do, Compose!

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