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Portland, Oregon

As a small business that relies on data being available every second of every day, Compose is always there for us. We use MongoDB, Redis and Elasticsearch to serve a myriad of queries including user registrations, transactional user generated content, background tasks, summary lists as well as search and cardinality results. The key with using Compose is that we don't have to manage the infrastructure, setup, security, scalability, updates, backup and general health of these database systems. With any of these services in-house, our 2 person engineering team starts to look a little thin (not to mention possibly the most important part, that all of these systems lie firmly outside of the critical path for our business).

When it comes to hosted services like Heroku, Compose and others, the "winners bias" takes effect when you consider moving off onto your own managed infrastructure. This decision is now much more difficult, thanks to the consistent and predictable pricing combined with an utter lack of downtime and maintenance.

At this point in the lifecycle of the business, I'd be hard pressed to gives reasons why we should not stay on Compose — it has been consistently improving since I joined MongoHQ back in 2012 — and has since outgrown its name for bigger and better things to come.

— Brian Norton, Chameleon Intelligent Tech, Inc.

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