A marketing analytics platform built on Mongo & Redis.

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San Francisco, California

We are a small startup developing our first product for TV Advertisers and Marketers. We are building a real-time analytics and recommendation engine for our customers to provide them with actionable insights, improving their performance.

We love Compose's ability to easily launch a new database instance, regular backups, and failover management. Initially, we are using MongoDB as base database and Redis for analytics and cached data storage.

With Compose its really easy to spin up a new database, test out a new feature in DB or a new idea for our app. With easy upgrades and failovers migrations are seamless and with the amazing UI everyone in the team, be it dev or manager, can assess data. Regular backups, scheduled jobs, and monitoring come really handy when it comes to performance analysis.

The biggest and best part of using Compose is that we don't need a team of DevOps people to manage our database resources and instances. With easy allocation and decommissioning we can always maintain our speed and iterative ability and focus on building better products than getting lost in technical details. Even the pricing is really easy and affordable for all the feature sets that are offered by the team. Hope they keep building their products even better.

— Vikram Tiwari, Omni

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