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Littleton , Colorado

I'm a new developer. I took my first CodeCademy class about 2 years ago and a few short weeks ago, I launched my first mobile app using PhoneGap and Meteor (and of course Compose!) for iOS and Android. The app is a social network that helps friends discover and share internet videos together.

The app received more than 1,000 downloads in its first week and is still going strong. I'm working on a new facial recognition feature that will allow users to swap faces with each other or celebrities. I'm having a lot of fun with the beta version and I can't wait to release it to my users!

I use Compose for all my database needs. It was hard enough to build the app, I didn't need the extra anxiety of worrying about my database crashing or being broken into.

It was super simple to setup my Compose database and I've used it on many more projects since. The price is definitely worth the time it would've taken to set up a production-ready database on my own.

I love the user interface, too. Having a UI for my DB really speeds up development! There's nothing like actually seeing your data! Thanks for all that you do, Compose!

— Adam Hanna, Vuse

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