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IoT Databases and Devices


47 minutes  |  Recorded November 26, 2016

Data is all around us waiting to be gathered, pushed into databases and analyzed. The Internet of Things is a still emerging technology and there's a lot of different technlogies, protocols and devices to consider.{{more}}In this webinar we'll be looking at some of the practicalities of bringing databases and the Internet of Things together.

We will start with a simple sensor and look at the ways to get that online. Starting from the 'first mile' with from USB and WiFi, to Bluetooth up to local systems and LoRa and GSM to systems in the cloud. There'll be a look at websockets and MQTT and other protocols to transport your sensor information up to and around the cloud. From there, we'll look at logging data in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, updating key/value stores like Redis and turning MQTT into RabbitMQ, all using Node Red as an example.

DJ Walker-Morgan
DJ Walker-Morgan

Technical Content Creator @ Compose