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ScyllaDB on Compose


42 minutes  |  Recorded November 9, 2016

More and more, applications must manage extreme volumes of data, requiring lower latency, higher throughput, and increased performance. Compose and ScyllaDB recently launched a solution to meet these requirements with ScyllaDB-as-a-service. ScyllaDB, a Cassandra-write-from-scratch, leverages all the good things from Cassandra together with state-of-the-art implementation in C++ and kernel bypass techniques which lead to 10X the performance.

In this presentation, we're going to peek beneath the hood to show how Compose Enterprise creates a multi-node cluster for database deployments, ensures the databases are production-ready, and compare each platform's strengths... and quirks. Then we'll show how to connect an application running on each of the platforms to their respective Compose Enterprise clusters. The presentation will be approximately 30 minutes and we will open it up at the end for questions.

Eyal Gutkind
Eyal Gutkind

Solution Architect @ Scylla